Monday, 23.10.

New Creative Direction for Publicis Brussels

Kwint De Meyer and Willem De Wachter have been a successful team for the largest part of their careers. As ‘creatives of the year 2015’ they won many national and international awards, but now they’re stepping up their creative game.

The fresh creative directors of Publicis Brussels are happy to help lead the change for longstanding clients and new businesses: “We’re thrilled with this exciting new challenge. And we’re pleased we can hold this position at Publicis Brussels, where one finds everything one needs to succeed: talent, creativity, beautiful brands and the powerful new structure of Publicis One that allows for relevant answers to business questions.”

With a new generation of creative directors in place, Publicis Brussels raises the creative bar once again. Kwint and Willem’s ambition and fresh approach of things are contagious. Both agency and clients are looking forward to their mission that starts in October.

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