Thursday, 01.10.

Publicis Brussels launches its cutting-edge Newsdesk.

Publicis Brussels just launched Newsdesk: a tailor-made strategic hub that monitors social media channels in real-time, generating insights and content for clients on the fly. Think of it as the next chapter in brand storytelling; Newsdesk allows Publicis to further develop its client-centric approach with client-centric ideas. All in real-time.

These days, brands have two choices. Either they put all their time and energy into throwing content at the internet, in the hope it sticks. Or they harness the natural energy of social conversations and become part of them, engaging and interacting with audiences on the subjects that get them talking.

Newsdesk goes for the second option. A simple and effective process, the Publicis Newsdesk is a radically new way of working with our clients. It’s a new creative process, plugged into a social listening tool, that enables to identify the topics and trends setting the online world abuzz and generate real-time creative content. By presenting these red-hot ideas directly to the client, Publicis will turn these unexpected conversations into real-time opportunities.

This type of instantaneous creativity is giving more brands the edge in our social savvy society. By reacting to real world situations in real-time, brands able to stay relevant and top of mind. Andy Warhol wasn’t far off when he quipped: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” Except today, 15 minutes has become 15 seconds.

Stay tuned for more from the Publicis Newsdesk!

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